Be Flexible

As I sit here on the last morning of our trip (with a very long day ahead), I can’t help but recognize how the Holy Spirit has moved this week. Of course, the Holy Spirit is always moving, it’s wether or not we choose to recognize it. To be grateful for the Holy Spirit living, working, being in and all around us-despite our short comings & human errors-that’s what I’ve recognized this week.

The phrase “Be Flexible” was passed around many times before the trip & many more times during our stay here in Peru! Okay, I hear you, be flexible. Yeah, sure thing. I’m not sure if you know this about me or not but I’m always on an agenda-a timely person. I like things to go according to plan, to stay on the times we have set before us. In reality, these turned out to be a suggestion, a road map to try and keep us on track. 

(If you haven’t been following our blog updates from FBC Norman, I would encourage you to do so!)

Working in the preschool, through the help and connection of OSA, has been quite the experience! As yesterday approached, we would have thought to have a rhythm down by now. My class ended up finishing Bible Story, AND craft time (allowing them to make not one but TWO finger puppets) by 10am. Our two biggest time fillers were done within 30 minutes of being there and we weren’t scheduled to leave until 11:30. What on earth were we going to do with 18 Spanish speaking 5 year olds with whom we had trouble communicating with? 9:53a rolls around and we hear music blasting in the court yard. Now seriously, how are we supposed to talk over this?! Turns out it just so happens to be Teacher Appreciation day and they have an hour and a half program scheduled in which we didn’t have to fill time! 

Crazy. The Holy Spirit had it all worked out-the two things we wanted to get accomplished were done so in a “timely manner”, it just wasn’t my time frame, not even close to a time frame I thought was even in the books. But, the Holy Spirit did. The same Holy Spirit at work in my life, that is also at work in your life, is at work in the lives of those in Collique. Community. That’s what it all boils down to. 

Goodbyes are never easy. Yesterday proved that to be true yet again as I watched our students say farewell to those of OSA & Collique whom they had built relationships with. It was reciprocated by the children and staff as well. It is apparent to me that neither will forget the experiences they have had and shared with those here. Keeping in communication has been sincerely important and emphasized and the fancy-Facebook life makes that possible. 

No matter how many windows we scrape or hands we love on, the Holy Spirit will always be at work. Let’s choose to recognize that no matter where we are, have been, or will be in the future. 

I’m excited to see what else is in store for Morgan and Krystal as they have another month at the OSA house working with teens, kids, moms, and the community of Collique. Continue to keep them in your prayers and as we travel home late tonight, early tomorrow. 

Choose Joy!



Dance moves that transcend any language barrier! 


Being chased is always fun, right Hodges?!


Collique, Peru


Sport Court


Operación San Andres


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